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Commercial Odour Control Solutions

Are you looking for an Odour Neutraliser or Odour Remover ?

Serviced apartments and hotels, commercial office blocks, residential apartments, shopping centres, restaurants, health and aged care facilities are just a few of the commercial premises that regularly have to deal with odour problems and it can cause a real headache.

Our products are based on a scientific approach that uses environmentally friendly, biodegradable essential oils to attack bacteria at a molecular level and stop the production of unwanted and offensive organic odours.

With access to a wide range of technologies and products, such as Ecolo Odor Control Technologies we can provide a suitable cost-effective solution to any odour problems you may experience.

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"Ecolo eliminates, not covers up, the odour problems in our loading dock, retail and grease trap areas. It successfully meets our needs in a no fuss way."

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Odour control systems for commercial applications