Odour Control

Ecolo AirSolutions

Ecolo AirSolutions are proprietary solutions designed to eliminate airborne and surface odours. All of our AirSolutions are formulated using all natural organic compounds and essential oils, making them environmentally friendly and completely safe to use.

Unlike simple masking agents, our misting odour neutralisers contain powerful odour neutralisers made from essential oils, surfactants and aromatics. Airborne droplets attract and neutralise odours through active chemical processes.

These highly concentrated and widely versatile formulations are water soluble and non-toxic, making them ideal for use both indoors and out, through Ecolo Automatic Misting Systems.

Types of odours treated include:

  • Amine compounds
  • Mercaptans
  • Aldehydes and ketones
  • Nuisance organic odours
  • Organic acid odours
  • Phenol odours
  • Low level H2S (open areas)

View our Commercial Products Matrix for a complete list of solutions and their corresponding applications.

Ecolo Odour Neutralising AirSolutionTM



Odour Neutralisation Process

When mixed with water and finely misted or fogged into the air, the AirSolution active ingredients chemically react with airborne odour molecules for immediate odour neutralisation.


odour neutralisation process