Ambient Scenting

Nature Fragrances

Currently available:

Fresh WaterFresh Water is a smooth and comforting fragrance that creates a fresh and intoxicating atmosphere

Cool marine scent of aloe with dewy green notes. A green floral note of muguet rounds out this smooth and comforting fragrance. Fresh and intoxicating.

WoodlandsWoodlands fragrance is refreshing and outdoorsy

The scent of fresh evergreens and crisp pine needles, capturing hints of newly blossomed herbs of sage and thyme. Refreshing and outdoorsy.




Available on request:

Green GrassGreen Grass - the intoxicating scent of freshly cut grass

Notes of bright, green grass are sweetened with light florals and neroli to create an authentic blend.

Herbal HerbsHerbal Herbs - an invigorating blend of herbal notes to create a purifying ambience

Invigorating bouquet of herbs infused with sweet fruity notes and mellowed with wet cucumber. Sheer and delicately green to create a purifying ambience.

Marine FreshMarine Fresh fragrance

Notes of ocean spray, aromatic bergamot, dune grass and cedar combine to create the aroma of waves crashing to the shore.


Rainshower fragrance combines scents of freshly cut grass and tropical water lilliesFresh cut grass and tropical waterlilies are at the heart of this fragrance, enlightened by crushed bergamot and mellowed by mossy notes and wet teakwood.

SawgrassSawgrass - the distinct and sweet fragrance of Florida sawgrass

The distinct and sweet scent of Florida sawgrass with hints of lemongrass, rose and sandalwood. This scent is authentic and earthy.