Ambient Scenting

Gourmand Fragrances

Currently available:

Buttered PopcornButtered Popcorn just like at the movies

The aroma of freshly popped popcorn smothered with warm butter and salt. Just like at the movies.

Choc Chip CookieChoc Chip Cookie will make your mouth water

Notes of semi-sweet chocolate chips, warm vanilla and crispy baked dough will make everyone's mouth water.




Available on request:

The aroma of freshly baked breadBread

The aroma of homemade, crusty, oven-baked white bread.

Coffee BeanCoffee Bean is a full bodied and aromatic fragrance

Wake up and smell dark roasted Colombian coffee beans. Full bodied and aromatic.

Creamy Caramel AppleCreamy Caramel Apple is a refreshing yet comforting scent

Crisp green apple covered with the aroma of rich, creamy caramel. Refreshing and comforting.