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Fruit Fragrances

Currently available:

Cucumber MintCucumber Mint fragrance is an aromatic blend of watery cucumber and fresh mint leaves

An aromatic blend of watery cucumber and fresh mint leaves, complimented by a fruity melon accord with waterlily and jasmine.

Iced Pina Colada

Iced Pina Colada is sunny and fun like a vacationThe classic combination of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut is modernised with fruity notes of sweet peach, papaya and passionfruit puree. Sunny and fun - like a vacation.

Shagadelic Apple

Shagadelic Apple is a groovy and youthfyl fresh apple scentA groovy and youthful scent with green apple and a fruity accord of juicy peach, cucumber and Asian pear. Jasmine, freesia and musk add complexity while mossy notes add a green, herbaceous undertone.

Tropical FruitTropical Fruit fragrance is uplifting and widely appealing

A smooth, tropical delight with juicy mango, sun-ripened kiwi and pineapple with floral nuances of plumeria blossom and jasmine. Youthful, uplifting and widely appealing.



Available on request:


Flirtini - a fun and bubbly fragrance concoctionA fun, bubbly concoction of tangerine, granny smith apple and peach nectar. Citrus accords of pulpy grapefruit, fizzy lime and pineapple add energy and tartness.

Juicy PeachJuicy Peach fragrance

The succulent aroma of a juicy peach complimented by notes of pink grapefruit and white tea.

Pomegranate Fusion

Pomegranate Fusion is an engaging and zesty fragranceVibrant, ripe pomegranates mingled with bright citrus notes of lemon, lime and mandarin, with a touch of ginger to create this engaging and zesty scent.