Ambient Scenting

Fresh Fragrances

Currently available:

Fresh Clean

Fresh Clean fragrance is bright and refreshing to create a clean and crisp atmosphereThe smell of fresh air tinged with sweet orange and honeysuckle. This simple fragrance is bright and refreshing, creating a clean and crisp atmosphere.




Available on request:

Citrus SplashCitrus Splash is a refreshing and uplifting fragrance

A refreshing and ozonic citrus fragrance with notes of mandarin, orange and zesty lemon. Subtle fruity undertones of green apple and juicy pear add an uplifting quality.

Clear SkyClear Sky creates the undeniable scent of the outdoors

White musk, newly bloomed muguet and Bulgarian rose are nuanced with fresh tangerine to create this undeniable scent of outdoor countryside.

Fresh Cotton fragrance creates the scent of freshly laundered linenFresh Cotton

The smell of freshly laundered linen with subtle hints of almond. Clean, soft and soothing.

Ocean BreezeOcean Breeze recreates the scent of the beach on a summer's day

Like the beach on a summer day, includes marine notes of saltwater, beach grass and soft freesia.