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Citrus Fragrances

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Citrus fragrances are refreshingly clean, vibrant and invigoratingCitrus High

A complex blend of citrus and clear green notes, nuanced with florals and spices, fills a room with a refreshingly clean citrus bouquet. Vibrant and invigorating.

Lemon VerbenaLemon Verbena fragrances create a bright and uplifting atmosphere

Fresh verbena leaves with zesty lemon and the added earthy notes of lemongrass and geranium create a bright and uplifting atmosphere.

Pink Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit creates a tangy and exuberant fragranceThe invigorating juices of ripe grapefruit and orange are paired with fruity peach and red berry nuances, sweetened by osmanthus, violet and muguet. Tangy and exuberant, this citrus combination is pure joy.

Ruby Grande MargaritaRuby Grande Margarita for a bright and sunny atmosphere

Bright and sunny describes this fresh citrus bouquet.  Predominant character of juicy orange accented with pink grapefruit and berries. Pure energy.



Available on request:

Citrus Tea

Citrus Tea fragrance for a rejuvenating and balanced atmosphereThis fresh clean scent is a blend of red, white and green tea notes with juicy passionfruit, a vibrant verbena and bergamot top note and warm, woody undertones. Creates an atmosphere that is rejuvenating and balanced.


Key lime and mint leaves create an effervescent and intoxicating atmosphereBased on the fashionable beverage,this scent contains refreshing notes of key lime and crushed mint leaves, creating an effervescent and intoxicating atmosphere.