Ambient Scenting


How does the technology work?

What makes the AirQ 550 system better than traditional spray dispensers?

How do you determine where to place an appliance?

Are there any special installation requirements for an AirQ 510?

Can we really use our HVAC system to distribute scent?

Who will install the appliance in the HVAC system?

Will the installation affect the normal operation of our HVAC system?

Does the unit run automatically?

Can I control scent intensity?

How long does the scent last?

Is it easy to change product cartridges?

Are air treatment agents safe?

Is it going to cause an allergic reaction in my business?

Is the mist harmful to the environment?

Can the nano-scale droplets get into the lungs and cause a health hazard?

How does odour remediation work?

Do I have a choice of scents?

Will the diffused air treatment product damage paint or other surfaces in our facility?

Are the odour remediation and fragrance products flammable?

How can we prevent vandalism to the unit?