Ambient Scenting

Odour Control and Ambient Scenting for Hotel Guest Rooms, Hallways and Elevators

Smoking rooms in hotels are commonly organised by floor, and guest rooms and hallways pose a significant malodour problem. Thoroughly cleaning a smoking room does not eliminate the residual odour of cigarette smoke and tar that has been deposited on all exposed surfaces including tough to clean spots such as porous ceiling tiles and fabrics. Hallways on smoking floors are not cleaned daily and are also a source of malodour. Guest elevators can pick up tobacco odours from these floors and carry them to other, non-smoking areas of the facility. Aerosol spraying in the guest rooms only lasts for a short amount of time and does nothing to alleviate the problem in the hallways or elevators.

Sensaroma's air treatment units can eliminate the malodours in the hallways through the HVAC system, while direct particle injection into the elevator shafts has proven highly successful in eliminating odours in elevators. It may also be possible to address guest room malodours with the service from the hallway, depending on configuration. Alternatively, AirQ 100 Portable Scenting Units could be utilised in individual guest rooms to not only neutralise odours but also provide ambient scenting solutions.

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Portable odour control and ambient scenting solutions for guest rooms