Ambient Scenting

Ambient Scenting and Odour Control for Casinos and Gaming

Indoor air quality in casinos presents a major challenge as cigarette smoke, food and human odours are always present. Providing a pleasant environment where customers will feel comfortable staying for extended periods of time is the challenge that most casinos face and this objective is complicated by the presence of malodours in even the most well-maintained and serviced properties. Interiors that present bad smells suffer from shorter client retention times and the experience as a whole is recalled less positively.

Sensaroma's air treatment systems have a proven success rate in eliminating malodours from gaming areas, cocktail lounges, sports bars, discos, meeting rooms and other high traffic areas. Casinos also present an ideal opportunity to introduce ambient scenting with a pleasing, subtle aroma designed to make clients feel comfortable and relaxed and therefore willing to stay longer.

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