Ambient Scenting

Benefits of Scenting

The combination of AirQ's safe, effective technology and fragrances provide a number of important benefits:


AirQ uses fragrance to create a desired mood and enhance the pleasant experience of a space. You may not be experiencing any particular odour problems, you may simply wish to create an ambience that reflects you and complements or enhances your decor. Scent is closely linked with the brain's limbic system, affecting how we feel in a space and how we remember it. The right scent can make your home warm and welcoming, or evocative of a particular place, mood or state of mind.



Aromatherapy is the use of natural, aromatic plant oils to improve mood, behaviour or health. Fragrances, like music, can enhance ambience and create mood, but unlike music, fragrance can also affect physical well-being and offer therapeutic benefits.

The AirQ technology is ideally suited to aromatherapy delivery as it doesn't use heating elements, propellants, solvents or any harmful VOCs. It is a safe and effective way to disperse aromas throughout a space. All of the fragrances in our aromatherapy range contain the required percentage of pure essential oils to make a therapeutic claim. Diffuse an energising fragrance in work spaces or exercise rooms, and a relaxing fragrance in bedrooms and living rooms.


Odour Neutralisation

Odour neutralising formulations are created using state-of-the-art chemistry, mass spectrometry and other analytical instrumentation to formulate the most effective solutions for typical household odours including garbage, pet odours, cigarette smoke, cooking and food odours, fecal-urine odours, must, mould and mildew.


Pet Odours

While it is widely accepted that pets help to make a home, their litter boxes, bedding, wet fur and other pet-related odours can be an unpleasant reminder of their presence. The AirQ system offers a safe, efficient and effective alternative to enzyme cleaners, aerosol sprays, plug-ins and reed diffusers.

With their smaller bodies and intensely sharp olfactory senses, animals are extremely sensitive. Fortunately, the AirQ system operates without emitting potentially harmful soot or VOCs commonly associated with traditional products. The system requires neither flame nor heat, and relies on non-toxic fragrance and odour neutralisation formulations not derived from ingredients that have been shown to cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Completely safe for both humans and animals, the AirQ system is the perfect weapon to combat pet odours.

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Create a warm and welcoming ambience in your home.



Enjoy the benefits of therapeutic aromatherapy solutions.


Neutralise common household odours.


Safely eliminate pet odours from your home.